MSc L.A. Koster (Luzan)

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  • Ouderenzorg
  • Identificatie
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  • Organisatieverandering


The current dominate care discourse is all about patient centeredness. On one hand, this implies the patients’ right to quality of life – which means they do not only receive physical care, but also social and psychological care.  On the other hand, this implies their obligation to take responsibility over their own care. Help of professionals, but especially of patients’ social environment (in Dutch: ‘mantelzorgers’) is expected.

Organizational changes around this new care discourse have major impact, because it changes the core of everyone’s roles. It changes the way professionals, patients and informal caregivers describe themselves and others. It affects their identity.

My research will zoom in on the interpretation of the new discourse by patients, professionals and informal caregivers and on the way this affects their identities.