Drs. A. Chaplin

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+31 20 59 86704
faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afd. sociale en culturele antropologie )

maandag t/m vrijdag; voor afspraken graag bellen of een e-mail sturen.       

Promotiefilmpje Master Antropologie



  • Tourism       
  • Hospitality exchange networks (e.g. CouchSurfing)       
  • Anthropology of authenticity   
  • Media and mediation

Regionale specialisatie:
South-Eastern Europe (Serbia, the former Yugoslavia)



This PhD research project focuses on Couchsurfing, an international hospitality exchange network that facilitates intimate encounters in the homes of other members while travelling. I investigate how CouchSurfing’s attempts to overcome one-dimensional forms of ‘othering’ work out in practice, theorising how hosts and guests who meet in person – and in ‘everyday’ settings like the home – rework second-hand information (e.g. media images) about each other through a travel network that seeks to authenticate a cosmopolitan view on (cultural) diversity. The project further is designed to give a new impetus to debates about authenticity in relation to tourism and travel, emphasising the importance of aesthetic-stylistic concerns for people who engage in exploring and connecting. My research mainly takes place in Serbia.


Publications (source: METIS VU)