Drs. J. Greganich


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Promotiefilmpje Master Antropologie



  • religious trajectories
  • religious butinage
  • ayahuasca religious


My research aims to understand the mobility of the religious practitioner in various religious contexts, especially the “religious butinage” from the analysis of life journey. The concept of religious butinage was thought as a counterpoint to religious bricolage. The Levi-Strauss bricolage is seen as an arrangement of elements in a closed religious universe represented by the model of the tree or root. The religious butinage is represented by the metaphor of the garden of hummingbird:  garden (world, life) hummingbird (practitioner), whose flowers, trees and plants are multiplicities (religious). The garden implies rhizome, consisting of a maze of lines not necessarily of the same nature, of assemblages of human and nonhuman actors. The garden has no pre-defined form and it sets and unsets itself, from the movements, flows and counter-flows. However, the butinage does not exclude the bricolage. The bricolage can open and make butinage. Bricolage can be contained emptyin butinage. My analysis of religious butinage emerged in my master’s research with ayahuasca religious groups – União do Vegetal (UDV) and Santo Daime in the city of Porto Alegre -Brazil. It resulted in my thesis: “Between the Rose and the Hummingbird: an Anthropological study about the trajectories in the União do Vegetal (UDV) and the Santo Daime”. In my PhD research, the field expanded to several religious groups from the ethnography of networks. Such as African-Brazilian religious, spiritism and new age.  So, I intent, from the analysis of trajectories, to build a tool that enables contribute to the understanding of contemporary religious phenomenon, the social actor in motion, while someone who is building their religious space in constantly changing. The conclusion of my thesis is scheduled for February 2015.


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