Prof.dr. Pál Nyíri

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faculteit der geesteswetenschappen ( gesch/oudh/k&c )
Hoogleraar. Leerstoel 'Mondiale Geschiedenis in antropologisch perspectief'

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  • Migratie
  • Xenofobie
  • Nationalisme
  • Toerisme

Current research projects focus on how journalists from China report about the world; how Chinese managers impact labour relations in Cambodia and Hungary; how Chinese investment and migration to Southeast Asia are changing interethnic and international relations in the region; and how 1993 graduates of a high school class in a small Northern Chinese city are coming of age. More broadly, research interests include various forms of migration and mobility from China (including tourism), Chinese nationalism, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism.

Current writing projects :
- Reporting from China: How Chinese correspondents work with the world (forthcoming, University of Washington Press)
- How Chinese engagements are changing Southeast Asia (co-edited with Danielle Tan, under review for the University of Washington Press)
- An as yet untitled book on how various institutions create ideas and practices of global citizenship, jointly authored with Peggy Levitt.

Editor of the New Mobilities in Asia book series for Amsterdam University Press.



Global History of Inequality (BSc CAO, 1e jaar)

Identity, Ethnicity and Nationalism      


Geselecteerde boeken en artikelen:

Seeing Culture Everywhere… from Genocide to Consumer Habits (with Joana Breidenbach). Seattle and London: University of Washington Press (2012). Zie: link

Mobility and Cultural Authority in Contemporary China. Seattle and London: University of Washington Press (2011). Zie: link

Books, Bodies and Bronzes: Comparing Sites of Global Citizenship Creation. Ethnic and Racial Studies 37(12), special issue edited with Peggy Levitt (2014). Zie: link

Chinese Investors, Labour Discipline and Developmental Cosmopolitanism. Development and Change 44(6):1387-1405 (2014). Zie: link 

Enclaves of Improvement: Sovereignty and Developmentalism in the Special Zones of the China-Lao Borderlands. Comparative Studies in Society and History 54(3):533-562 (2012). Zie: link


Selectie van on-line artikelen:

"Made in China," a theatre play by Kretakor (Hungary) using the text of Nyiri's ethnographic reportage.

An opinion piece for the column "Who is China?" in the Chinese newspaper Global Times

Investors, Managers, Brokers, and Culture Workers: How the "New" Chinese are Changing the Meaning of Chineseness in Cambodia, Cross-Currents (2012)

“The Missing Road: Clashing Visions of Development across the Russian-Chinese Border” Japan Focus (2008)

"Scenic spot Europe: Chinese travelers on the Western periphery" (2005)



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