Professor H. A. Sutherland (emeritus)

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faculteit der sociale wetenschappen ( afd. sociale en culturele antropologie )
Hoogleraar emeritus. Leerstoel Niet-westerse geschiedenis

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  • Niet-westerse geschiedenis
  • Regio: Zuidoost Azië en Indonesië


The social history of the east Indonesian port-town of Makassar, 1650-1950, focussing on shifting ethnic identities, state formation and long distrance trade.


Publicaties (Bron: METIS VU)

  • 2001a. “Money in Makassar: Credit and Debt in an Eighteenth Century VOC Settlement”, in E. Sedyawati and Z. Zuhdi (eds.) Arung Samudera.Persembahan Memperingati Sembilan Windu A.B. Lapian, Depok, LPUI.
  • 2001b “The Makassar Malays: Adaptation and Identity, c.1660-1790”, Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 32 (3) pp.397-421.
  • 2003 “Southeast Asian History and the Mediterranean Analogy” Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 34 (1) pp.1-20.

Overige informatie

Heather Sutherland's approach is characterised by a combination of archive and field-work. She has taught in Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia as well as the Netherlands, and has published on Javanese, Malay and Sulawesi history as well as on the historiography of Southeast Asia.
Her research focus encompasses the early history of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) as well as contemporary Southeast Asia;  she is particularly interested in tracing long-term social change with reference to issues of identity and ethnicity.