AALS lecture by Prof Fridus Steijlen, 19 October

AALS lecture by Prof. Fridus Steijlen, newly appointed Professor in Moluccan Migration and Culture in Comparative Perspective.

“How to deal with postcolonial memories: postcolonial monuments in the Netherlands since 1945”

Date & Time: Thursday 19 October, 2017 at 16:15-17:30

Location: VU main building room HG 02A24

Abstract: "Monuments, statues and names referring to colonial times, slavery and repression are subjects of heated debates. While there are people who want to remove them from the public domain, others want to keep them as tribute to former times or as tools to discuss the black pages of history. On a smaller scale more or less similar debates took place around monuments that were erected in the Netherlands dealing with the commemoration of the Second World War in the pacific and the decolonization war in Indonesia between 1945 and 1950. After 1945 many monuments, that we can refer to as postcolonial monuments, were erected in the Netherlands. Not only monuments dealing with the commemoration of the war, but also with the history of Moluccans in the Netherlands. How did these monuments came into being? What were the debates? What is the meaning of these monuments for the Indisch and the Moluccan community, how are they used? In his lecture Fridus Steijlen will address these questions and more."

06-09 Irene Stengs benoemd tot bijzonder hoogleraar Antropologie

Irene Stengs is per 1 september benoemd als bijzonder hoogleraar Antropologie van ritueel en populaire cultuur aan de faculteit Sociale wetenschappen. Stengs is sinds 2002 verbonden aan het Meertens Instituut, in de laatste jaren als senior-onderzoeker en voorzitter van de Onderzoeksraad.

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25-07 Fridus Steijlen benoemd tot bijzonder hoogleraar Molukse Migratie en Cultuur

Fridus Steijlen is per 1 juni benoemd tot bijzonder hoogleraar Molukse Migratie en Cultuur in Comparatief Perspectief aan de Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen, ingesteld vanwege de stichting Moluks Historisch Museum. Tot op heden deed hij onderzoek naar, onder andere, de Molukse geschiedenis, Indische organisaties, de dekolonisatie en het dagelijkse leven in contemporain Indonesië aan het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde.

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Marina de Regt was awarded an NWO WOTRO research grant!

Marina de Regt has been awarded a research grant from NWO/WOTRO for the project “Syrian Refugee Youth in Jordan: Early Marriages in Perspective”. The research will be carried out in cooperation with Yarmouk University, Caritas Jordan and the NGO Ahel Al-Jabal, all located in Jordan. The research is part of the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) research projects in Jordan.

VU Amsterdam has best bachelor anthropology according to NSE

Just like former years Anthropology VU Amsterdam scored very well in this year's NSE (Nationale Studentenenquete) survey. Our bachelor is the number one bachelor in anthropology in the Netherlands and our master is second. We also are the number one bachelor in our Faculty and the second best bachelor of our whole university. You can see the results for yourself on the NSE website.

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