Marina de Regt was awarded an NWO?WOTRO research grant!

Marina de Regt has been awarded a research grant from NWO/WOTRO for the project “Syrian Refugee Youth in Jordan: Early Marriages in Perspective”. The research will be carried out in cooperation with Yarmouk University, Caritas Jordan and the NGO Ahel Al-Jabal, all located in Jordan. The research is part of the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) research projects in Jordan.


VU Amsterdam has best bachelor anthropology according to NSE

Just like former years Anthropology VU Amsterdam scored very well in this year's NSE (Nationale Studentenenquete) survey. Our bachelor is the number one bachelor in anthropology in the Netherlands and our master is second. We also are the number one bachelor in our Faculty and the second best bachelor of our whole university. You can see the results for yourself on the NSE website.


Workshop: Framing Jews and Muslims in Public Debate and Political Theory Today

This is the closing workshop for the NWO-funded project Critique of religion and the framing of Jews and Muslims in Public Debate and Political Theory Today (2013-2018) in which we try to understand recent controversies concerning Jewish and Muslim religious practices in Europe in the light of the broader history of framing Jews and Muslims in the European context. These controversies are usually framed in terms of shifting relations between secular cultures and (orthodox) religion, both in public and in academic debates about them. The central research question of our research project is how such framing is related to how Jews and Muslims have been historically, and still remain, the objects of cultural stereotyping, racialisation and discrimination.

During this workshop, we want to pick up on the central questions that have occupied us throughout the project, and that have become more salient in the course of the last years, with the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, on Jewish persons and locations, the killings on November 23 2015 in Paris, the increase of both anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism/Islamophobia and the securitization of religion, Islam in particular. Please feel welcome and register via

It is from 21-24 June, download the programme here


The NWO-research group ‘Critique of Religion; Framing Jews and Muslims in political theory and public debate’:

Yolande Jansen (University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam); Thijl Sunier (VU Amsterdam); Matthea Westerduin (VU Amsterdam); Anna Blijdenstein (University of Amsterdam)


Dimitris Dalakoglou of VU Anthropology was awarded a VIDI grant for INFRA-DEMOS

Dimitris VIDI grantProf. Dimitris Dalakoglou, who holds the Chair in Social Anthropology at our department was just awarded a VIDI Innovative Research Grant  from the Dutch Organization of Scientific Research (NWO) for his project INFRA-DEMOS: Socio-Technological Innovation, Infrastructural Participation and Democracy.

Infra-Demos is an anthropological project that will study the relationships between infrastructures and innovative socio-technological forms of participation arising within the infrastructural gap (IG). Using traditional and digital ethnography, but also quantitative methods, Infra-Demos will ethnographically be located in Greece, which is in the centre of the current Euro-crisis, giving rise to novel and innovative forms of civil activity focused on IG. The application of self-management and peer-to-peer practices—inspired by the commons and economic solidarity—and by using digital and other technological innovations, allow new crisis-resilient socio-technological systems to emerge, independent from the State and capitalist market institutions operating on a new sphere of social activity.

Dimitris Dalakoglou started studying infrastructures ethnographically in 2004, in the form of cross-border motorways and energy infrastructures in the Balkans. His PhD titled ‘An Anthropology of the Road’ was awarded in 2009 from UCL. Whilst his Inaugural Professorial Lecture in 2016 at VU was titled 'Anthropology and Infrastructures: From the State to the Commons’.

VIDI is the leading national grant for research innovation, it is awarded once a year from NWO to the best research proposals submitted with 40% of the assessment based on the past performance of the candidate, another 40% is based on the quality of the research proposal and 20% for the practical utilization of the project.

Dimitris’ Academia page with all his publications is available here.


In juni Matchings dag

Op 9 juni vindt weer de jaarlijkse “matchings-dag” plaats op de afdeling; de dag waarop aspirant-studenten komen kennismaken met de afdeling, met een antropologie-college en -tentamen, en met huidige studenten. Marina de Regt en Ton Salman zullen het college verzorgen, waarna (na de toets en de lunch) een informele kennismaking met verschillende stafleden en met studenten volgt. Het college (13.15-15.00) en de kennismaking (16.00-17.00) vinden plaats in HG 2A33, na de verwelkoming in de Centrale Hal (12.45-13.10). Studenten zullen de deelnemers gedurende hele middag begeleiden.


Newspaper Article by promovendus

Pamungkas A. Dewanto, a promovendus of the department, recently published an article in one of Indonesia's biggest newspapers: Kompas. The article includes a brief overview of the current situation of Indonesian migrants in Saudi Arabia focussing on the new migration channel of Indonesian domestic workers after the government formally stopped sending migrants to the Middle East. In the article, he urged both governments to discuss the safety issues of Indonesian workers in Saudi Arabia. If you happen to read Bahasa Indonesian: here's the article.


Stages voor masterstudenten: PEOPLE-project

De Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam trekt de komende jaren met netbeheerder Alliander op om te achterhalen hoe we bewoners in wijken het beste van dienst kunnen zijn bij de overgang van gas naar alternatieve energiebronnen. Wat hebben zij nodig, waar liggen hun behoeften en welke producten of diensten passen daar het beste bij? We maken daarbij gebruik van een people-centered onderzoek- en ontwerpmethode die de bewoners centraal stelt en het mogelijk maakt om te achterhalen wat hen echt beweegt. Binnen dit onderzoeksproject, genaamd PEOPLE, bieden we dit jaar plaats aan vier masterstudenten. Meer weten? Klik hier

PEOPLE project

Meer informatie: (Giulia Sinatti, projectleider Nederland).


Rethinking Indonesia's 'Islam Nusantara': From Local Relevance to Global Significance

Islam Nusantara

Schedule of the Conference.


Maaike Matelski wins Faculty PhD Dissertation Award

Maaike Matelski was granted the FSW PhD Dissertation Award for her thesis Constructing Civil Society in Myanmar Struggles for Local Change and Global Recognition. Jury chair Thijl Sunier:  “Maaike Matelski’s work on the development of civil society in Myanmar has theoretical as well as very practical value. She managed to obtain an in-depth understanding of what is going on in this complex and interesting country. Her findings can be generalized to other, similar complex but very different countries in conflict.”

This year's award celebration was unique because there were two winners. The other winning candidate was Jeroen Wolbers from Organization Sciences with his thesis Drawing the line: Cross-boundary coordination processes in emergency management


VU Amsterdam Ethnographic Film Day

AEFDlogoOn the 7th of December the department hosted the second Amsterdam Ethnographic Film Day. It was a day of interesting discussions elicited by the screening of four films which represented four different takes on film in ethnography. It attracted a large audience consisting of students, film-makers and ethnographers. 

The first film was the documentary ‘Inside the Mind of Favela Funk’ by Elise Roodenburg and Fleur Beemster. It is based on the research they did in the Favela’s of Rio de Janeiro and inspired by their desire to share this research with a wide audience. The result was an attractive film of high quality which did well in international film festivals. 

Afterwards we saw ‘Love Home’ by Sanderien Verstappen and Willy Sier. Our film day was the debut of this film which was made in order to capture part of the research that Willy Sier conducted in China on camera. In addition, the film was an unexpected research instrument because the makers came to new insights by watching the footage of their informants countless times in the process of making the film. 

The next film was a webdocumentary called ‘Demal te Niew (Go and Come Back)’ by Marcella Pasotti, Viola Bachini and Silvia Lami, advised by Giulia Sinatti. The makers guided us through the interactive interface of the web documentary (which will be released on 16 December) which allows users to access film, pictures and infographics about Senegalese return migrants. Mattijs van de Port argued that this might be the future of ethnography in which film, text and infographics can be accessed on a single web platform. 

The last film was ‘The Possibility of Spirits’ by Mattijs van de Port. This film represented another take on film in ethnography in which film is used in order to complement text in ethnographic representations.

For the full programme and the synopses of the films: click here.


Nieuw project wordt gefinancierd en staat op het punt om te beginnen!

The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Vrije Universiteit receives European Commission funding (Erasmus Plus scheme) for the collaborative project: 'PEOple-centred development approaches in Practical and Learning Environments (PEOPLE)'

PEOPLE is a 3-year project bringing together Higher Education Institutions in the social sciences and industries from the sustainable energy sector to engage in joint research, teaching and learning. The project will develop and implement People-centred Learning Cycles, in which students, academic staff and industry professionals jointly solve real-life business challenges. In the Netherlands, the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology will collaborate closely with the Dutch energy grid operator Alliander. Academic and industry partners in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and the UK participate in the project Consortium.


Elsevier Beste Studies Gids

De Bachelor Culturele Antropologie en Ontwikkelingssociologie is als beste beoordeeld in de Elsevier Beste Studies Gids! Met name de kwaliteit van het onderwijs en van de docenten wordt door de studenten hoog gewaardeerd. Ook de Master Sociale en Culturele Antropologie wordt goed gewaardeerd met een tweede plek in de Elsevier Beste Studies Gids.


Inaugurele rede prof Dalakoglou

Inaugural Lecture Dalakoglou

Op maandag 13 juni hield Dr Dimitris Dalakoglou zijn inaugurele rede op de Vrije Universiteit genaamd Anthropology of Infrastructures: From the State to the Commons. Hij heeft daarmee de Chair in Social Anthropology van de afdeling Sociale en Culturele Antropologie aangenomen. De afdeling feliciteerd Dimitris Dalakoglou hartelijk!


De Long March to Rome is in Rome gearriveerd!

Long March to RomeTijdens vergelijkend onderzoek in Noord-Amerika bleken er grote overeenkomsten met Afrika en een gedeelde geschiedenis die de wortels vindt in de verdeling van de wereld in Christenen en Heidenen (homo animales) als gevolg van de zogenaamde "papal bulls of discovery" uitgevaardigd door het Vaticaan in de 15e en 16e eeuw. De erfenis hiervan wordt nog dagelijks gevoeld door (inheemse) volkeren over de hele wereld. 

Dit project, dat gebonden is aan het onderzoek van Sandra Evers, heeft deze groepen voor het eerst in de geschiedenis bij elkaar gebracht.

De ontwikkelingen in de afgelopen weken zijn fenomenaal en beklijven in de hele wereld. Na 500 jaar van ontkenning, is het Vaticaan op 4 mei voor het eerst in gesprek gegaan met een groep van leiders van de Long March to Rome, een proces van verder overleg is afgesproken! Het enthousiasme is enorm.


Topbanner Standplaats Wereld
De weblog Standplaats Wereld ( wordt bijgehouden door medewerkers en (oud)studenten van de afdeling Sociale en Culturele Antropologie van de Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. Dit weblog is een podium voor informatieve, prikkelende en verrassende reflecties op de actualiteit in Nederland en de wereld.